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If you find a remote interpretation service, then this is one of the best services provided by the best, certified translation office in Qatif. This creates a more attractive experience for a wider audience and is spread over a larger scale, and this comes through a team of interpreters who work hard and diligently, through a platform for verbal remote translation.

If you carefully looked for the best, certified translation office in Qatif, you will only find Ejada for Certified Translation which provides this opportunity and present it in the highest quality and at the least possible price. Our team of translators provide certified, immediate, and written services as soon as possible and in any language the client request.

?How does the team of translators work at Ejada for Certified Translation

As we said earlier, the team of translators at Ejada for Certified Translation provides professional and certified interpretation services. We are in constant contact with a group of interpreters who translate at the conference level with the highest quality and They have been trained, examined and tested, through the best reliable and stable remote interpretation platform with many satisfied clients with our services.

Also, our team of experienced professional translators works on interpretation platforms and technologies across Google Play and the App Store, and video conferencing including Zoom and BlueJeans.

?Does Ejada provide the highest quality possible for Interpretation

Ejada, the best, certified translation office in Qatif, offers interpretation services where the speaker does not have to stop and wait for the translator to translate the part of the speech delivered, they can continue speaking while the interpreter does the work of translating the speech into another language.

Interpreters are also isolated from conference participants; thus, it is possible for the speech to be translated into different languages ​​simultaneously, as the participants choose their preferred language by changing their headphone channel. Maintaining a smooth flow of the presentation is one of the main benefits of the interpretation provided by the Ejada the best, certified translation office in Qatif.

Time is valuable for all clients, especially senior officials, as there is no delay, in the slightest, before translating and formatting information from the source language into the target language. We maintain the highest quality of interpretation, in order to attract the attention, focus, and interest of the audience. Through conferences, participants usually have to speak amongst themselves, read conference materials and handouts, and search for information that is said at the conference.

:Simultaneous translation and the events of conferences

You usually find that the attention of the listeners is distracted between hearing what is said in the conference and talking with the participants in it, and this means that their attention is divided. When you assign your simultaneous translation to the best, certified translation office in Qatif, the participants in the event must give their full attention to what the speaker says through interpreters so they can understand the message, and pay attention; as they have to listen to the interpreter. simultaneous translation is considered to be ideal for large multi-lingual conferences.

However, simultaneous translation is not as interactive as other forms of interpretation work, and likewise, it is more expensive; as it usually requires interpreters for each target language. Due to the high concentration required of the interpreter when performing simultaneous interpretation, they need to rest approximately every half hour.

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As this type of interpretation requires special equipment, such as soundproof booths, conference speakers, and wires from booths to headphones and microphones, interpreters may also need to use cameras and video monitors to see the speakers if the interpreter booths are located in a location different from the conference.

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