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Medical translation is a field in which scientific accuracy is very important, as language is often very technical and specific, and may be vital to the health of the patient, so medical translation companies are interested in providing these matters when translating medical and pharmaceutical documents.

:Medical Translation Skill Requirements

Medical translation services provided by the best medical translation companies are particularly difficult when there are no equivalencies for scientific and health related terms, medical technical issues, and sometimes disease concepts or treatments in another culture or language.

As the translation of medical terminology becomes more complex with the emergence of new diseases and treatments, especially as new global epidemics continue to challenge the field of medicine, they create a greater need for multilingual translation, however, since the medical terminology is so broad, there is no escape from problems in medical translation. Translators try to create correct and matched translations across multiple languages.

Being a translator in the medical field requires a deep understanding of medical vocabulary in two or more languages. Being bilingual does not necessarily mean that someone will be able to translate medical terms from one language to another; because the terminology is not familiar to those outside of a particular profession. For example, even a person with a background in cardiology may not be fluent enough in the terminology specific to the field of oncology, particularly in another language.

:A Good Medical Translator at the Best Medical Translation Office Should Have the Following Three Capabilities

Possess a comprehensive knowledge and ability to think about the medical topic that is being translated.

To be able to read and understand the source language efficiently in order to understand the intended meaning of a particular text.

Be able to accurately express the meaning of a translation in the target language.

All the previous three characteristics are equally important, as each trait is closely related to each other in terms of understanding the specific formulation in different languages. Even if one of the above-mentioned skills is not implemented, it will ultimately hinder the medical translation process.

?How Can Medical Translation be Understood

Translating medical terms requires many cognitive skills that go hand in hand with effectively communicating medical information, and problems may arise if a medical translator uses medical terms and language that can only be understood by those working in a particular field of medicine, rather than adapting it to target patient group.

:Challenges and Issues in the Field of Medical Translation

When translating medical documents, understanding generic drug terminology can play an important role for medical translators who have to translate drug names into medical documents intended for both physicians and patients, especially since patients and physicians often recognize a particular drug by prescription by a different name. Therefore, the translator must do his part in understanding the audience who will design his translation.

The translation of drug names is an especially difficult task in the field of medical translation. This is because government agencies such as the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approve every year a new list of drugs that can be sold within countries. As more drugs receive the green marketing, medical translators in the best medical translation companies face the challenge of adopting medical terminology to accurately translate drug names based on the three options available.

:Translation of Names of Medicinal Drugs

Besides translating some diseases, translators can face a host of problems when trying to produce translations for prescription drug names. Branded drugs and generic drugs, for example, can have specific names that help identify them in the country in which they are sold.

The World Health Organization, which regulates international public health, designates many pharmaceutical products in an international non-proprietary name. INN is a name given to a generic drug that depends on its active ingredients. This ultimately helps reduce confusion when distinguishing between drug names.

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:Cultural Context for Medical Drug Translation

What many can ignore is that the cultural context also has an influence on medical translation, and this is evidenced by some medical terms that can have different meanings depending on the country in which it is used. Therefore, medical translators have to take into account the cultural context. Otherwise, the meaning of the words they are trying to translate can be easily misunderstood, and from this point of view Ejada Certified Translation Office, which is considered one of the best medical translation companies in Egypt and the Arab Gulf countries, took into account those standards and put them into account when translating medical documents.

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