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3 Main factors when translation legal contracts

The field of legal contracts translation is a highly specialized field of translation, and no person can conclude international agreements across borders, societies and even cultures without the presence of a certified translation. The meaning may be lost in vague wording and misinterpretation, and moreover, contracts and legal documents must be adhered to internationally, so it is important that the language used is appropriate and clear.

The concept of legal contract:

Within the international law practices, the word “contract” are often alerted between different meanings and generally, the contract represent the legal relations between the business subjects. However, the contract might be in the form of agreement or a treaty…etc. When translating legal documents, it is possible to use well-known sets such as (lease agreements, government contracts…etc.).

Legal contracts are the main documents in the business field; therefore legal translation must be specialized in terms of language standards and the legal aspects of both countries. In general, the contract includes the number, time and place of signature, the name of the parties, the subject, the appointment, the conditions, addresses, and the signatures of the parties. Many people request Commercial contracts translation, however, there are a large number of different versions of contracts, and situations that require legal contracts translation.

Contracts and commercial offers translations is also required when a company is dealing with foreign partners to avoid incorrect treatment as well as in the cases of non-compliance with the terms of the contract, otherwise, the documents may be legally invalid. To translate a contract or legal document very clearly, here are some things that you should keep this in mind, and which Ejada Certified Translation Company works on, when choosing a translation company that works on translating legal contracts:

  1. The key is the experienced translator:

To translate a legal document correctly, the translator must have some control over legal terms, since even the slightest misuse of words might cause confusion or misinterpretation. You also should be aware that your work will be subjected to later audit, as legal contracts translation includes some rules that the legal translation in the target language relay on. Therefore, the translator that you deal with must be familiar with the local laws as well as aware that the laws are subject to change and constant revision. Hence, translators must take into account these factors when providing the service and this is what Ejada Certified Translation Company takes into consideration when dealing with legal documents.

  1. Choosing words and sentence structure:

It is important that your translation conveys the message of the original document correctly and completely, and in legal documentation, any statement containing ambiguity, may be subject to intense scrutiny at a later time. Moreover, the use of appropriate punctuation is critical, as misuse may alter the original meaning.

Therefore, the experienced translator or translation agency must admit that it is often impossible to exactly reconstruct simple sentences in the same format between any two languages. Furthermore, doing so could lead to grammatical contradictions that will make it appear incoherent grammatically or linguistically as using the colloquial wording lead to unclear in the sentence structure.

  1. Confidentiality:

Translating legal contracts require complete confidentiality for multiple reasons, the current document could contain information that must be hidden from competition or other employees, and if this information falls in the wrong hands the consequences might be dire. Therefore, it is best when dealing with the best certified translation company that you cannot share the contents of a legal document at all, and through the services provided by Ejada Certified Translation Company, you can find legal contracts translation as quickly as possible, easily and according to your requirements.

Advantages of translating contracts and other legal documents by Ejada:

When performing legal translation of contracts and other business documents, it is necessary to take into account a number of linguistic and subsidiary features:

  • Preserving the shape and the structure of the original: Either it is possible as a separate document or a bilingual contract divided into two columns.
  • Maintaining the uniformity of words in translating legal terms.
  • Not resorting to literal translation by Google.
  • Unambiguous wordings.
  • Eliminating linguistic and grammatical errors.
  • Proofreading and without any typographical error.
  • Being familiar with some famous law articles according to the requirements of local standards by Ejada translators.
  • Specialized translation for alphabetical and numeral data including lower margins.
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