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You or your company always need a certified translation from the best certified translation agency, as there are various reasons why a certified translation is a prerequisite for getting some work done, but when a government agency, corporation, or some kind of organization is part of a highly regulated industry, such as those in the financial, medical, or various sectors of government, and you generally cannot delay it, here are some facts about certified translations, some of the benefits and reasons behind resorting to them in the first place in your mind.

? What is the difference between certified translations and notarized translation

The world of translation comes with a lot of legal and technical terms, often because translations are required with legal or technical goals in mind, as the best translation agency offers the option of certified and notarized translation services to clients, and the differences between the two are easy to understand:

A certified translation is a translation accompanied by a signed declaration (by the translator or translation agency) certifying that the translation has been translated accurately, and that it includes all information (nothing has been deleted) from the original document.

A notarized translation is a translation that has been reviewed by an official notary, who then drafts a legal document to verify the certification, and the notarized version essentially adds another level of legal protection to a certified translation, and a certified translation is often sufficient, although some Institutions require attestation of certification.

: Certified translations and certified translators are not the same

Any translation agency can provide certified translation services, but this does not necessarily mean that a certified translator has performed the translation (the official rules here may seem a little tricky), that is why Ejada Office is the best translation agency first looks at certified translators who have specific experience in the subject being translated to, in order to obtain certified translations, this helps to ensure that any certified translation, regardless of the topic being addressed, who does this translation are certified translators who provide translation services of the highest quality, and they are qualified translators. They are highly qualified (not just general translators), and knowledgeable in specific fields (legal, medical and technical) and languages ​​that are dealt with in the work. In addition, the best translation office “Ejada” works very hard to provide complete transparency during the entire translation process, allowing quality checks along the way.

? Why might a person or company need a certified translation

The professional translation agency – which works with certified translators – is the best place to go; In order to obtain certified translations, in any country, agencies such as travel immigration offices, licensing departments, academic institutions, patent offices, courts of all kinds, and law firms, frequently require certified translations of official documents such as (employment contracts, birth certificates, marriage licenses, property deeds, … etc.), without a certified translation, most government agencies and many legal services will not recognize the validity of the translation in question, regardless of its quality.

Abroad, many companies and regulatory bodies overseeing a variety of industries usually require certified translations as well, as this applies to work visas, applying for various commercial licenses, purchasing real estate and many other commercial activities. Moreover, international regulatory bodies similar to the Food and Drug Administration require that translations be certified to comply with their international regulatory requirements.

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The truth is that anyone or company can benefit greatly from a good relationship with a reputable translation office, which employs high-quality translators who know how to handle all kinds of translations, and work in a translation service that can provide a reliable and quality certified translated document exactly as you requested.

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