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The challenges of scientific translation have become crucial and inevitable, especially with the multiple and rapid progress of this vast scientific sector in the continuous boom.  The emergence of new scientific fields, such as genetics, molecular biology and biotechnology, has multiplied the need to translate scientific research in a more serious manner. The work of scientific translators itself has become more complex as this relatively unknown sector has grown in size.

Scientific translation is also crucial economically for the actors in the field, such as researchers and research laboratories, in order to introduce themselves around the world, to share their discoveries and articles. Thus, selling it at best in return for large-scale development, which is  the case especially in the pharmaceutical and medical fields of drug marketing, because no matter how the world of scientific translation is completely unknown to the public, it is a very specialized sector, and very significant for the spread of science.

Are Ejada’s translators interested in scientific research?

The rapid development in the scientific fields forces us to keep up with the time, especially since new words and data might show up with advancements in science. Generally, patent files are translated into several languages, because the profession of a scientific translator is a high-level profession. Therefore, Ejada has been interested in translating scientific research in an accurate scientific manner.

It is necessary to constantly improve in the used sciences, tools, and methods, as for each type of documents its own symbols and scientific method in translation. This is why the translators at Ejada for certified translation are asked to create new words if there are no published documents that contain these words. As for the invention in question and which verifies that such a word already exists to designate the invention, translators can rely on already existing language habits in a particular field.

What does Ejada aim for in the field of scientific translation?

Ejada always aim to keep up with research works and projects in the field of Biotechnology which include reading specialized magazines and websites, through refresher training for translators in this field, through specialized courses or conferences on translation, and by constantly enriching the glossary of terms.

An example on Biotechnology translation:

Biotechnology translation at Ejada goes hand in hand with the internationalization of the science technology world, with the increasing presence of medical sciences and biotechnology, the number of clinical trials being conducted by pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies is increasing. Pharmaceutical drugs are produced in more countries than ever, which significantly led to the increasing need to discuss these inventions with health professionals. This requires accurate translations in this field, in order to advance quickly and efficiently, and in this booming field of Biotechnology, there is a great and very specific need for a scientific research translation, through the presence of highly trained translators in the field of scientific translation.

Fields of scientific researches translation from Ejada:

Therefore, Ejada carries out an endless number of fields of scientific research translation at the highest level and in the least possible time, such as chemistry, physics, ecology, environment, mathematics, engineering, biology, nuclear science, medicine, pharmacy, electrical engineering measurement, genetics, and biotechnology … Etc.

What are the documents that scientific translators work on?

There are also all kinds of documents that can be translated by Ejada, such as:

  • Decorate theses in Medicine.
  • Scientific Publications.
  • Laboratory tests reports.
  • Medical protocols.
  • Scientific Papers.
  • Scientific works.
  • Scientific websites.
  • Documentation on clinical trials.
  • Medication Notice Protocols.
  • Reports, conferences, scientific research.
  • Laboratory researches.

The translation also requires processing other extremely relevant technical fields such as legal, marketing and sales translation since the language compositions are innumerable, even if some are more in demand than others, such as English, French, Spanish, German and Arabic. These languages are more important around the world than others and most scientific translators work to translate from a foreign language to their native one. This is because – according to the scientific translator Isabel Bouchet – “a good scientific translation goes beyond simple or superficial translation, so the translator must be immersed in a specific language, in order to be able to transcend the culture of the country for translation as accurately as possible.”

In conclusion….

Ejada covers many scientific fields’ translations, the scientific world has always been greatly internationalized, but with the development of technologies and knowledge, science has not stopped developing and has become more complex. We can say that all countries today carry out scientific research that develops day after day within the framework of cooperation between all countries, so it is imperative that you have a common language for good communication between those countries, and for translating all basic data as well.

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