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Ejada Office for Certified Translation provides a certified and accurate translation of a Criminal Record, as our certified translation service meets or exceeds the admission requirements in many civil and criminal aspects, and we also have the accreditation of the Arab Federal Federation of Translators, and this is the reason for our being the first provider of certified translation in Egypt and the Arabian Gulf Not only that, but we also translate all documents at the best price and highest quality, because we have a team of professional translators in all disciplines required of the audience, and our professional translations for civil works are perfect and distinguished in all types of content in them, including Criminal Record translation and translation of contracts, brochures, or marketing materials … etc.

If you want to reach out to a global audience through our institutional translation services, you just have to connect with us, where our translation service corresponds to the best translators who can understand your content and adapt it to what you want whether you want an independent individual who wants to translate their papers, or you’re a small company or a large multinational company, we create an enduring voice for your global brand.

Ejada …… the leading agency for certified translation in Egypt and the Arab Gulf states

As the leading certified translation agency in Egypt and the Arabian Gulf, we are proud to manage translation from Arabic to English, or any other language among the other popular language pairs that we deal with, we are a certified translation company that offers a variety of services that meet all your needs, we also provide translation services for Criminal Record or any other document that you want to translate, not only that, but our services also include simultaneous translation, proofreading, voiceover, and website translation, and therefore we are considered the best provider of language translation solutions in all Arab countries.

Advantages of dealing with Ejada for Certified Translation

Provide certified translation service on the same day / 24 hours a day.

Well treated and respected by the client service team.

Send the document to us via email or WhatsApp.

Availability of delivery services for urgent translation requests.

Issuing certified translations of official documents on a daily basis for academic and educational institutions, consulates and embassies.

Provide discounts and offers on certified translations.

Provide a service to deliver translations to your place without any fatigue or effort.

Documents translated by Ejada for Certified Translation

Translation of work documents and contracts.

Translation of court documents.

Translation of engineering documents.

Translation of government documents.

Translation of brochures.

Translation of Criminal Record.

Translation of marketing materials.

Translation of technical documents.

Translation of terms and conditions.

Translation of website.

Translation of academic texts.

Translation of bank statements.

Translation of birth certificates.

Translation of death certificates.

Translation of diplomas.

Translation of divorce certificates.

Translation of identity documents.

Translation of marriage certificates.

Translation of medical reports.

Translation of court papers and police records.

Translation of the commandments.

Translation of all other documents.

Why do clients turn to us when translating their documents

Our clients did not come to us from a vacuum, as we are the best certified translation company that provides professional and very fast translation services, with distinguished and sophisticated communication from the customer service team that communicates with each client, and as our clients say about us that our translations are faster than they expected and in a very professional and distinctive form, as well as we are ready to deliver the translations of clients where they are, so they come to us again several times, because we provide certified translation services in more than one project, and we do not hesitate to provide fast and accurate translations in multiple languages, and we deal with all our customers in a friendly and professional way that always helps them in dealing with us throughout their lifetime.

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Our translation services are not only of high quality, but they are fast and meet the requirements of the various bodies regarding certified translation at reasonable prices and suitable for them, and the distinguished communication of customer service with clients has an effective role in attracting them continuously, which gives them great confidence throughout the entire translation process, and credibility when dealing with us again.

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