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Ejada office helps you to easily get an official sworn translation that is fully valid at the legal level in any country with the signature and stamp translated faster and at the most affordable price. Our translation team includes of experts in translation and linguistics, and their primary mission is to provide exceptional online translation services. If you have any questions regarding translating your document or just want to know our prices for our online services before or after the translation process. Our team is available through our customer service live chat link or you can contact us on our email.

  • When the translation to be certified?

As a general rule, all countries require documents to be submitted in their official language, for example if a citizen of an Arabic country wants to travel to a foreign country, get married or apply for an official job, he must translate his certificates such as a passport, birth certificate, and residence certificate to this country, and vice versa. If you plan to work and live in a foreign country, you must provide the authorities with a certified translation for all your documents that you may need from that country’s language into your mother language. And you will also need to attach an official sworn translation for your documents from your language into that language for various procedures in ministries, or universities.

  • Is Ejada one of the best-certified offices in Kuwait?

What our clients say about translation services in Kuwait is important to us, in order to always improve the quality of our work and meet their demands, as we work with the best reviewers and clients relations specialists there, and your translated files are carefully reviewed before they are issued to you. We provide translation services in Kuwait in more than 60 languages, in addition to that, we provide permanent reviews to ensure that you are happy with the results of the translation services.

One of our expert translators in the academic, legal and medical fields translates your documents according to your needs, in order to provide the best possible quality to our clients and to provide the highest quality translation. We also implement strict quality control procedures as part of the document translation and proofreading process.

Document translation in certified translation offices was not so simple before, here is Ejada office provides you with a professional translation service with our team who has extensive experience in their fields. You can easily upload your documents to our website and contact with us and get a quote for the estimated cost of translation in Kuwait, now you no longer need to search for certified translation offices or companies in Kuwait. So here we are in your hands, providing you with accurate and appropriate translation services for your specialization, and as soon as you upload your documents to us, we will review them carefully and ensure that they are sent to the appropriate translator with experience in the relevant field.

  • What documents require certified translation?

When you submit an official document issued in Arabic to an official body in a foreign country such as the public administration or educational centers, you must also submit a sworn translation from Arabic to this foreign country, and this is an indicative list of the official documents in which you need a sworn translation:

  • Various certificates: school diplomas (baccalaureate), university degrees, transcripts, academic records, letters of recommendation and résumé,…etc.
  • Civil registry: birth, marriage, and family certificates
  • Government certifications: taxes payments, personal ID, passport, criminal record,…etc.
  • Private documents: bank account statements, financial certificates, contracts and notarial deeds,…etc.

Save your time and effort and translate your documents online by specialized translators with the best-certified translation office in Kuwait.

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