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Globalization has reached its highest levels these days, so every country has immigrants and other residents from many other countries in the world, where culture, customs and everything else differ, and of course the language as well, especially since most immigrants do not know the language of the country in which they reside, and this makes it difficult to the government of that country communicate with its immigrant population. From here, the government translation services that many translation companies seek to provide as Ejada for certified translation, which is keen to build a cultural bridge between all civilizations.

The importance of government translation services:

In today’s global economy, migration is a phenomenon that many countries may benefit from, in order to facilitate the need for effective communication between the government and the multicultural people, as officials need to hire a translation company that provides government translation services to translate official documents, press releases, media content, and other texts on their website. whether it is for social services, education, jobs, transportation or any other field, the country needs to communicate with all of its societies in a clear and effective way to overcome language barriers in this way, and individuals can work together to make a positive impact in a country.

Here is why you need certified translations of government documents and personal certificates:

All official documents submitted to a government agency require a certified translation, so if you are a new immigrant to or returning from any country, your personal documents and qualifications will need to be translated in the language of that country to which you will travel by a certified translator. And translations of personal documents and certificates must be approved such as a driver’s license and car registration, birth, marriage or divorce certificate, school transcripts, academic degrees and diplomas, criminal and civil records, and many other documents required by municipal, regional or federal government bodies in the country you are traveling to.

Why Ejada is always the best when choosing a certified translation company?

We have a large team of professional translators with the highest level of experience, accuracy and dedication to work. Our mission is to ensure the highest standards in our work, and we also care to provide government translation services for official federal documents, documents, legal reports and international contracts. We also provide translation services to all ministries and government agencies, in addition to online content translations for the government website, we have experts in various fields, so we can also do medical, technical, legal, defense or engineering related sectors, by providing high-quality translations in multiple languages. This will show immigrant communities that you care about them and what they want, and then you can show that their government is their ally, and you can build long-term trust and effective service to the maximum extent.

Translators in Ejada Company:

Our certified translators and translators went through a comprehensive process of training, examination and testing, they guarantee the accuracy of the translations for all of their clients who deal with them, which really reflects the meaning of the original in the translation, and documents affixed to the official seal of the certified translator are automatically accepted by all municipal, regional, federal and other professional or educational institutions, and contribute to the worry-free processing of your issued documents in other languages except the official languages of the country in which he resides or immigrated.

How do we contribute to meeting our clients’ needs?

Our company is well known for providing government translation services in many languages, we have the accreditation stamp from the Arab Federation for Translators, while we meet the highest levels of confidentiality for all of our clients. We have worked with clients who do business in various fields, and we also work with many embassies and government agencies and foreign in all Arab and foreign countries, whether federal, governmental or local. We also work with many government institutions, ranging from the diplomatic and defense department to the sectors of medicine, commerce, education and marketing. We are fully aware that these agencies want their information to be very accurate, maintain complete confidentiality, and also be delivered on time, all clients’ information are secure and we put a lot of focus on privacy.

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