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Many multinational meetings and conferences often require interpretation services, in which the interpreter shall interpret what has been said at a time when the speaker’s pace allows for no change in the natural flow of speech, and shall also explain what the speaker is saying at the same time as the speaker delivers its speech. Therefore, there should be no waiting time between interpreting and listening to what is said, but a short pause is allowed to process the words of the speaker, and interpretation services are often used in all States at conferences, symposia, meetings and etc.

Interpretation at conferences or meetings

Interpretation is a very stressful work, so it often requires interpreters with a high level of ability, competence and skill to translate both the source and the target languages, and the interpreter is usually located in a soundproof room, translates between 20 and 30 minutes, and takes a rest of no more than 10 minutes. Therefore, it is important for the translator to remain on permanent alert, and therefore, it is necessary to have another interpreter alternating with his colleague if possible, and in symposiums and conferences, the translator wears a headset to listen to the speaker in full focus, the interpreter listens to what is said and interprets immediately, and is transferred to speakers of delegates or participants speaking that respective language.

How do translators interpret?

In the world of language services, interpretation services can be classified as the most demanding in all aspects of the industrial, commercial and technical fields, where language translation generally includes interpretation of the speech delivered, the interpreter converts the speech in the source language into the desired target language, just like the written translation, and six types of interpretation are widely used worldwide: Simultaneous and consecutive, whisper, interpretation / accompaniment translation and telephone interpretation (scheduled), interpretation by telephone on request.

The task of the interpreter from the Ejada Office for Certified Translation:

The task of the interpreter is to successfully present all the semantic elements in the speech including its dialect, and the interpreter shall also clearly communicate the purpose of the message that the speaker wants to convey clearly and not manipulate any word on the topic. At Ejada Office, our interpreters have excellent language skills and more fluency than usual in both languages. Moreover, it is mentally prepared for what is being translated, especially if the meeting or conference is long and includes many speakers.

Our being interpreters at the highest level does not come from a vacuum, as we take good care of what is said correctly, especially when nuances in the target language are present, because the instant interpreter cannot use a dictionary to search for unfamiliar expressions and terms. This is enough reason to get excellent proficiency in the source and target languages. The translator shall be fully confident of his speaking skills, and the job also requires that the translator be skilled in improvisation, which is what well-known interpreters at Ejada do when providing interpretation services of the highest quality required by all meetings, symposiums and conferences.

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In conclusion, we say…

If you are looking for an instant translator, you should contact with Ejada Office for Certified Translation, we are your best choice, thanks to our deep knowledge, expertise in translation equipment in general, and remote interpretation in particular, so please feels free to contact us, we are ready to meet you or the conference you will be participating in.

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