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No professional translator can be excused from learning how to use a new tool and choosing new techniques to provide better translations. For this reason, the project management and translation team working at the best certified translation offices in Qatar would like to provide some advice for translators to take into account when starting the translation, during their translation, after the completion of the translation, and before sending it to the client.

For many translation agencies or translation companies (known as translation service providers), the translation process includes several phases that freelance translators often do not know. We find that translators who have spent some time as interns at our translation company and are familiar with all the required processes tend to take an approach more serious and professional than those who entered the profession through other means and just learned by experience, and thus there are errors when translation is done from their home offices.

:Translation Performed at Ejada for Certified Translation

There is much more for translation than just writing in a foreign language and using one or two translation memory tools. Professional translation service, which is considered as one of the best certified translation offices in Qatar, usually requires a review (or issuance) and proofreading of the document to be reviewed. These are two basic stages that must be performed before we can say that the document is ready for delivery to the client.

These two processes are the control of translation quality against the reasonable cost, where quality assurance means “the policies in place to ensure the quality philosophy” or in other words “providing confidence that the quality requirements will be met”; this does not mean an examination of the programs used in the translation process, rather, quality control means the steps taken to ensure that the product meets the user’s expectations.

at “Ejada” Office, the best certified translation offices in Qatar, we carry out some quality control procedures, through spell checking, checking the number of paragraphs, numbers, etc., and of course reading the final text before delivery to the client, so the quality control stage must take place before it is issued to the client.

:Translation Steps Prepared by the Best Certified Translation Offices in Qatar

The important point is that when clients and translators talk about the translation process that takes place in documents of any kind, they refer to some steps that take place in the translation. These steps are (translation, editing and proofreading). Ejada Office for Certified Translation concerns mostly with the documents we translated.

Therefore, providing a high-quality translation from the beginning is essential for us, and most importantly, becoming a translator in the subjects that you specialize in as a freelance. We, Ejada Office, advise you as a freelance translator to prepare yourself for those works without the Internet, when you do not have a connection to the sources of information on the Internet, but you still have time to present it.

When the translation is finished, run the spell proofing and correct any spelling errors that you may have occurred in. It is the time to become a translator and proofreader of your own, and we also recommend that you read the document well before starting to translate it, and compare it with the original document after the translation process. You also can read it again without looking at the source text; to make sure it makes sense.

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You must bear in mind that readers will not be able to access your source material, also they do not care about translating of text or how it was translated, they just want to read in their native language, and you as a translator consider the link that allows them to do so. So, you should read your copy as if it was originally written in your language, and free from verbatim translations and cumbersome expressions that are transmitted directly and without any errors. We at Ejada do care about providing all clients with high quality translations, at the most reasonable prices.

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