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When searching for the best professional human translator, it will be a little difficult; This is because, of course, the skills of that translator will be available only in the best certified translation offices in Al Khawd.

Automated translation may be useful to help you find your way in a foreign country, but it certainly won’t help you when translating a complete novel; That’s why you have to deal with a human translator from the best certified translation offices in Al Khawd.

That is why you need to search for a human translator who has experience and from a company with a good reputation as an Ejada for Certified Translation, and not just any freelance translator you have found on freelance websites, as freelance translators and part-time translators cannot really believe them.

And if you find a freelance translator who does the translation fairly well, it is possible that you will encounter many errors from him that will make your ideas confusing at best, and completely different at worst, and to avoid this, be sure to look for only experienced translation offices, such as “Ejada” office the best certified translation offices in Al Khawd.

:Find the Best Translation Offices Early as far as possible

If you have not finished writing your book yet, or even in this case you have not started writing it in the first place; This will make it easier to translate your book, only if you start looking early for the best certified translation offices in Al Khawd, and deal with them throughout the writing period for what you may have written.

Then they will be able to translate your book as you like, saving you time in the long run, rather than having to wait for the translations to be ready; Because you may simply find some problems with it, if you give your translator your book with all the chapters it contains, after you make some adjustments to it, and as soon as it is available, you will be able to launch your book in all languages at the same time, and take advantage of its initial popularity to generate more sales around the world.

:How to Choose A Certified Translator

Also, if you are working with a translator from the beginning, he will be able to work on your project gradually, taking the necessary time to make sure everything is okay, instead of working under time pressure, too, the same translator can help you translate any supplementary material. You may need it like translating the author’s biography, translating the marketing version of his book, etc. along the way.

Best of all, the translator can recommend making some changes to your book, making it easier to translate into other languages, ensuring consistency between two languages. For example, many scholars have stated that reading an English translation of the books of the French novelist Jules Verne is completely different from reading the original French copies, so much so that many would argue that if you’ve read the English version, you really haven’t read Jules Verne’s book at all.

To prevent this problem from occurring in your book that you spent long nights writing on, be sure to work closely with your translator; To ensure that your ideas are not distorted or lost throughout the translation process, we recommend that you make sure that you choose a translator who is willing to work on your project with seriousness and enthusiasm, and this may lead to additional costs, but it is worth it in the long run.

:Do Not Forget to Sign a Contract with Your Translator

Claiming your copyright is one of your simplest rights as an author; So, don’t forget to sign a contract with your translator to confirm that you as an author will retain ownership of the copyright, and will receive all copyrights directly from your book, which you can then offer to your translator as additional compensation if you want.

Many countries may consider the translated version of your book a completely different work; Which means that you may face many legal obstacles later if you do not make sure that your translator has officially signed all the copyright for you, you as an original author should not deal with any translator who does not do this, or describes it as unnecessary, so you must retain full control. On copyright to protect your book from fraud by anyone.

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From this standpoint, the “Ejada” office, the best certified translation offices in Al Khawd have always sought to conclude an agreement between it and any client who wants a partnership between the two parties to be concluded. In order to provide certified translation services.

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