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Medicine is one of the most attractive fields for aspiring medical professionals and anyone foreign to it. So, when some young translators decide to specialize in the medical world, they leave with a head full of dreams in the hope that – with their small contribution – they will also be able to help people like the greatest surgeons. This, however, is not the case when it comes to the best, certified translation office in Tahrir. Below are the main features of this particular translation and the famous mistakes to be avoided.

?What is the medical translation used for

First things first, what could be translated in the medical field?  In the field of public information dissemination, one can cite basic information displayed in hospital rooms and primarily intended for visitors, evacuation plan and direction indicators or even hospital regulations, health precautions to be observed, and it may also be helpful to translate information documents such as leaflets or brochures that may It covers, for example, vaccination policies.

Translating other documents may be beneficial for current or future patients. Therefore, the patient should be able to understand what is being asked of them and be able to provide as much information as possible about themselves, as the doctor must be able to access and understand his medical history in particular. So, your medical translations should be directed to the best, certified translation office in Tahrir.

Yet, soon the opportunities for previously translated documents will cease; so, the medical team and patients who do not speak the same language ought to have the option to have a dialogue together; to bring the best possible care for patients, by translating medical documents into at least all of the most popular languages; therefore, the intervention by the interpretation services should be essential.

:Using various forms of medical translation

Consecutive translation is mainly utilized during the clinical examination as well as in interviews, appointments, and consultations between the physician and the patient.

Simultaneous interpretation is used during conferences, seminars, and meetings.

Telephone interpreting is useful during very short deadlines or in some medical emergencies.

:The importance of accurately translating medical terms

The technical language of medicine also includes special terms that are found little or no in other scientific fields. These terms are particularly composed of words that have Latin or Greek roots, but with differences specific to the fields of medicine and more generally to health.

Any certified translation office in Tahrir should select the terms used in one language to another particularly for the medical field. It is possible that you will find some freelance translators doing the translation process in an unprofessional and inaccurate manner for medical context. They may think that by being satisfied with a literal translation they can translate medical terms well, and this is a mere mistake.

Medical terms demonstrate the complexity of medical translation; hence it is important to fully understand the meaning of words, expressions, and phrases in their original context to be able to translate the meaning to the target context, culture, and language. This, certainly, can only be done by the best, certified translation office in Tahrir.

?What are the consequences that follow a poorly translated medical document

Poorly translated medical content – or even with a different meaning – can have disastrous consequences. For example, a patient may misunderstand their diagnosis, the doctor may lack information to describe a treatment based on what is written in that patient’s medical report, or a scientific publication or administrative document may be rejected or by the authority responsible for it in the country of destination.

The health sector is a sector in which there is no room for error, and the health and life of people is a very dangerous matter whose lapses must be carefully calculated. This is the reason for making medical translation should be more accurate and sensitive, in terms of its meaning and terminology, while adapting it to its target language and the audience to which the content is aimed.

?What documents are included in a medical translation

Legal, technical, medical, and economic fields…  Each field has its specialization and has its translation, and by specializations, we mean the obstacles or difficulties that the translator may face in translating it. This may seem surprising, but medical translation requires its separate classification away from the rest of the fields, as there are many texts that can be translated: Such as scientific articles, medical reports, conference reports, study reports, research results, and patents.

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Medicine is a field that is constantly evolving, not only at the local level but also at the international level. Experts, institutions, and all medical consultants in this sector are encouraged to cooperate with their international counterparts, so the information must be relayed as it is, correctly and without any tampering with it, to be amenable to decent medical use for the condition they are discussing.

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