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Because of the significant technological advances that we have reached today, the use of websites has become one of the most important things, which can contribute to the good marketing of products and services, but because of the different languages spoken by individuals, it may be necessary to have an easy language for communication, which is what In turn, it contributed to increasing the need for software and website localization service; In order to easily enable individuals to communicate effectively in the languages they understand.

Can the software and website localization service be done by yourself?

  1. As it has been pointed out in the past, the localization service for sites and programs is gradually increasing daily, and this was not out of thin air, but rather due to the great technical technological development that we have witnessed during the recent period depending on the Internet.
  2. This makes it easier for users and the public to communicate better and thus the success of the marketing process and the achievement of the desired goals.
  3. Since localization of sites and programs was not easy, the subject required a great deal of precision and specialization in the localization process to achieve positive results.
  4. It is imperative to rely on experts and specialists experienced in the process of localization with a high degree of accuracy.
  5. When searching for undisputed experts and specialists. Ejada Office appears as the best office that provides translation and localization services, which includes a team of the best and most experienced professionals in translation and localization.
  6. Whereas, the distinguished work team at the best certified translation office provides localization service in more than 70 different languages, which guarantees easy communication with all world audiences.

Is it possible to rely on Google Translate in the process of localization of sites?

  • Although the use of Google is one method that provides a lot of automated services, website localization is one of the distinctive automatic services provided by Google at that time.
  • However, despite that, relying on Google Translate to provide software localization service and websites does not pose a kind of danger.
  • Whereas, site owners may not be able to convey the intended meaning, due to the weakness and chip in the translated text.
  • Not only is it so, but it is also a esthetic that is not available if you rely on Google alone, because of the innovation and creativity that characterize the localization services at Ejada Office, so you can be sure that you will get high-end services that are distinguished by character and aesthetics.
  • Not to mention the rhetorical and grammatical aspect of the texts that will be localized, as the presence of grammatical and spelling errors within the translated text would make the content lose its value.

What about prices for translation and localization services for programs and websites?

  • The prices for the localization of websites and programs are somewhat high, due to the large increase in demand for them, as was previously mentioned.
  • This costs individuals a lot of money if they want to obtain localization services to meet various purposes.
  • Individuals are thus exposed to many cases of fraud, as this type of service is provided at a very high and high price.
  • But with dealing with the best certified translation and localization office, you will get the best and finest services for localization of programs and websites with high professionalism, with special prices that suit all categories.

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