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Certified Translation Office for Embassies

Ejada is a certified translation office for embassies, consulates, government and foreign agencies in various countries of the world.

Legal Certified Translation

Ejada’s team is highly trained to provide a professional translation, copyediting and grammar reviewing. Ejada is characterized by presenting a legal translation in all specific fields

Medical Translation

Ejada is a specialized in presenting translation services in more than 50 different languages around the world. So, confidently asks without any hesitation medical files translation

Documents and Certificates Translation

Translating documents and death certificates is not easy, it requires a very accurate translation office with experience at least 5 years

Translation of scientific research

Ejada is considered a Certified translation office and Specialized in scientific translation

literary translation

Are you looking for a professional literary translation office in terms of accurate translation at the best price?! We are in Ejada office to provide you with the highest quality literary translation service

Financial translation

Ejada office for certified translation services is considered one of the first offices specialized in financial translation

commercial translation

Ejada is an office specialized in providing commercial translation services of the highest quality and best price for translation in Egypt and the Middle East

Religious translations

Ejada is a certified translation office specialized in the professional and very accurate religious translations

Industrial Translation

Specialists in presenting the industrial translation for the factories and companies for over 12 years thanks to a team of translators at the highest level of efficiency and speed

Historical translation

Ejada Company for Certified Translation, provides all historical translation services in a professional and certified manner for all agencies

Tourist translation

Ejada offers a tourist translation service, which is of great importance to lovers of travel, art, culture, natural and industrial beauty in the world, where the economy of many countries depends on the tourism and travel sector in the first place, and the forms of tourism services

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Ejada Company for Certified Translation provides translation service for more than one specialty and to 50 different languages around the world

جميع الحقوق محفوظة لمؤسسة إجادة للترجمة المعتمدة 2020

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