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Customers often ask for a certified translation of all of their documents, especially if they are about to travel. In that case, the most important question for them now is asking about the type of certificate they need and whether if it is certified or not?  Usually, certified translation certificate from the best certified translation office in the Gulf consists of a seal and an accompanying letter stating that the translation has been completed by a professional translator and is – to their knowledge – of high-quality and accurate to the original text.

This is the case for most countries, but in some other countries there are different certification systems. For example, in France and Spain, sworn or certified translators must perform translations used in court, and in some cases translations must be accompanied by notarization. It is an additional step, in which the notary is required to certify the translator’s signature on the affidavit accompanied by a certificate of translation accuracy, and the most common use of these certificates is for legal translations, especially when the text needs to be used in court.

As for the method of pricing, this depends on the certified translation office, but there is no justification for imposing additional fees for certified translation. Nevertheless, “Ejada”, the best certified translation office in the Gulf, works on documenting documents at the lowest cost compared to our competitors and with the best quality possible.

Does certified translation differ from Machine Translation, and how does it work?

In the previous paragraph we talked about certified translation and now it is time to talk about Machine Translation. With the recent advancements in artificial intelligence, Machine Translation has become on everyone’s mind, but what is it?  And is it considered to be better than certified translation? (MT) or Machine Translation is a term used to refer to using computer tools to translate the text automatically.

There are different types of Machine Translation:

  1. Based on the rules: In it, the program tries to model the grammar of the language.
  2. Statistical: In it, the computer tries to learn from the large amount of texts that has been previously translated.
  3. Neural: Contrary to traditional translation systems that are based on phrases, this translation uses one neural network that could be trained on the current content and a feedback cycle to produce more accurate translations as time goes by.

Is it better to resort to machine translation via Google instead of certified translation?

Although the initial machine translation still leaves much to be desired in its translation, unlike certified translation – which is done by the best certified translation office in the Gulf -, however, when machine translation engines are customized, it can provide a somewhat better result. During that customization process, human translators train a specific engine to handle the work of each specific client, and to make machine translation a realistic option, you have to meet these criteria:

  • At least 20,000 alignment translation sections (source and target text).
  • A large set of monolingual reference data to identify the style.
  • A large set of bilingual reference data to identify the rules.

Let us take a look at how does Google translation works?

Like with translation via Google or Bing, all the tests conducted so far have shown deviations from one language to another. When translating from English and into Spanish and Italian, the performance of Google translation has been better than when translating into French and German. Besides, this translation translates general texts – simple communications and simple grammar – much better than more complex technical specialized texts.

From the above, we conclude that machine translation could not replace certified translation in any way. So, if you want a certified and edited scientifically accurate translation even in the hardest fields by a professional human translator, to achieve the desired quality, all you have to do it to reach for us.

Call us to find out how we can help you manage your translation through Ejada’s site, the best certified translation office in the Gulf.

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