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Screen and video translation, one of the most important services provided by Ejada Translation Services

Each passing day, we find ourselves unconsciously in front of a screen, whether are these screens educational or recreational. These big and small screens broadcast daily news to us regularly; therefore it reflects the cultures and explains our behaviors towards most of everyday life things that we face today. It also guides our ideas and emotions and opens us up towards other languages and values and that is why Ejada Translation Services always seek to provide screen and video translation services to the best of our ability that help us reach what we are aiming for.

Did videos and clips overtake written mediums in this current age?  

Yes, the visuals have already become more common than audio or written mediums. We no longer able to read newspapers and novels like our predecessors did, but it is hard nowadays –at least in our post-industrial community- to avoid reading written texts on screens – such as translated dialogues, texts, instructions, and guides. Some resort to watching television to learn a language or use it in improving their linguistic skills instead of linguistic translation or even to provide better assistance for the deaf, mute, and hearing impaired people. Ejada Translation Services provide screen and video translation to relieve these concerns.

Types of screen and video translation provided by Ejada Translation Services:

  1. ­Audiovisual Translation
  2. Conferences Translation
  3. Subtitling
  4. Transcription
  5. Dubbing
First: Audiovisual Translation

Audiovisual Translation (AVT) is media translation that includes edits or special editions for newspapers, magazines, correspondences between press agencies, cinema, television, radio, and so on. It could also be seen from the multi-media translation perceptive that affect products and services online and could also include comic stories, theater, opera, comic books, and any other mean that mix different cinematic systems.

Second: Conferences Translation

Recently, the number of conferences, theses, letters, books, and essays has quickly doubled, which led to the fast-evolving of screen and video translation practices that are not free of contradictions or inconsistencies. For that, Ejada Translation Services paid it more attention because technology allows for new patterns of translation to appear and the work circumstances are significantly affected by this development.

Third: Subtitling

When carrying out screen and video translation, Ejada Translation Services uses subtitles which are implemented through text, dialogues list, or even an additional translation in another language like film festivals for example.

Fourth: Transcription

The concept of Transcription (intralingual or interlingual) was first introduced in the early 80s and made it possible to describe what is said, the actions, facial expressions, gestures, body movements, and colors to blind and visually impaired people then these descriptions are added to the soundtrack.

Fifth: Dubbing

Translation and dubbing involve two different processes that professional audiovisual translators in Ejada Translation Services carry out, while in translation the text appear on the screen and is coinciding with the dialogues and the video that might be a documentary or TV program. Furthermore, the translation that Ejada is concerned with and in accordance with these rules, maintain the meaning and the transferred message to the hearer and reader such as figuring out puns, expressions, and the humor or the source language.

However, dubbing is a recording of the voices of the actors in another language while taking into consideration the characters’ facial expressions and body movements and it also requires a copy of the original text before starting the dubbing process. Ejada screen and video translation office that are specialized in working in dubbing employ transferring the dialogue from one language to another as naturally as possible. As well as interpreting the text in addition to the lip-syncing the words spoken by the characters taking in consideration their gestures and body movements that emphasize the pronunciation of some words.

Does screen and video translation hold any significance?         

  • Effectively transferring the dialogue between people.
  • Accessing other countries’ cultures.
  • Enabling mute and hearing impaired people to watch movies clearly.
  • Giving the choice to watch the original editions of movies translated or dubbed.

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