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Certainly, you are looking for the best office specialized in medical translation by producing the best quality translation without errors, and also with your concern for the quality of translation, you will definitely choose the best price for medical translation since .  We are now in Ejada Office for Certified Translation. We offer you the best medical translation at the best price for translation in Egypt and the Gulf, with the coordination of the best translation quality making it an exact copy of the original file.

Why Ejada is the best office specializing in medical translation?

Because we provide our services with high professionalism for more than 12 years, we have the confidence of our clients in various Arab countries, including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait and other Arab and foreign countries, by separating our office from the best group of medical translation experts in Egypt, which most of them consists of professors of medicine in Egyptian universities.

We are with you at any time, dear client, even after more than a year of receiving the translation. We will make any adjustments at any time without asking for an additional cost, because our main mission at Ejada Office for Certified Translation is to provide translation services in a very professional and high quality to our clients that give us confidence and give our customers pride and credibility to deal with us.

What are our medical translation services?

  1. Translation of medical reports
  2. Translation of medical texts
  3. Translation of medical terms
  4. Translation of medical analyzes
  5. Translation of medical analyzes into Arabic
  6. Translation of a medical report
  7. Translation of medical examinations
  8. Translation of medical abbreviations
  9. Translation of medical books
  10. Translation of all other medical documents

Is translation certified for embassies?

Yes, the translation comes out from our office and has a stamp of accreditation that makes it acceptable in all embassies, consulates, government and foreign agencies, and gives our office the preference among all offices in the Arab world

How to request medical translation service from our website?

Dear client, you can easily request translation service from our website, as we provide you with more than one way to communicate with us, including contacting customer service via WhatsApp on 00201101203800 or by e-mail to info@www.ejadatranslate.com or through live chat on our website

Contact us now and do not hesitate and get a translation with the highest quality and best price for translation in Egypt and the Arab world

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