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Reviewing client documents is an important step in the translation process that provides an additional level of quality control and ensures that your brand is effectively communicated, and on this basis, the translation review price is determined. Translation review, editing, and quality control usually occur before it is sent to the client, and this provides a final check; To ensure that translated materials convey the unique voice of your company.

? How to determine translation review prices at Ejada

The translators at Ejada for Certified Translation are always able to compare the source and target languages in the written document form, so you must choose translators who are proficient in translation in both the source and target languages, with their ability to review the document well and proofread it, which is already implemented at Ejada.

The translator you will deal with must also have a high level of familiarity with defining your target audience and knowledge of your translated materials, and the content being translated, as this includes knowledge of the product/service offerings and the brand of your company, in addition to your field of work.

The reviewer must also be granted access to all available reference materials. It is important that all translators, reviewers, and editors participating in the project work with the same instructions and refer to the same material without any errors occurring when translating, proofreading, or reviewing, and accordingly the price of the translation review is determined.

Also, the reviewer should have available time to complete the review in a timeframe that allows your project to be delivered on time, and to maintain that consistency, one reviewer should be assigned for each language and content type. If you anticipate work in progress, identify a reviewer who has the ability to work on all of your upcoming projects.

Also, it is necessary to work with a translator who has the technical competence to know the platform used to review translation documents. Interacting with the translators of Ejada for Certified Translation will help you get the most beneficial value from the translation process as a whole.

? Why look for the best translator and reviewer

Language is more of an art rather than a science, there may be many different interpretations of a correct translation, as the goal of a customer review is not to rewrite the translated text or make subjective changes, but to make sure your brand offerings, company, and products/services are effectively communicated.

The reviewer should also pay particular attention to the way in which industry-specific or technical terms in the document are used, and also to make any suggestions that may help improve the accuracy of the translations.

Then the reviewer must make sure that you adhere to the brand standards of your company, and communicate them effectively to the target market. They must review the content from the perspective of the target audience, as the words or expressions common in one language do not always convey the same message well in another language if translated literally.

In summary:

The best price for reviewing an accurate and certified translation is already at Ejada for Certified Translation, so if you need professional translations, whatever your document type. We, at Ejada for Certified Translation, are pleased to provide suitable prices for translating your documents. Our qualified and specialized translators in their mother tongue will also be happy to assist you in translation from and to all languages.

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Our translation team works very hard; so that every client gets what they aspire to, and thus achieves his purpose from the translations he sends to us, and our customer service team communicates with you in the best classy, distinctive and professional manner. All you have to do now is to contact the customer service team of Ejada; to get the best certified translation services in all fields and specialties.

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