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Some people think that machine translation services have gotten better! But in the end, the human mind is still the most important tool for avoiding the problems of distrust when you care about your translated copy, especially if it is related to your brand, while the translated materials allow companies to reach far beyond a few from the markets, if you want to go global and promote your product or commodity around the world; You should go to the best certified translation office that translates certified documents based on your desires, and from this standpoint, Ejada Certified Translation Office provides high-quality translation services from the source to the target languages, which include English, French, Spanish, Russian and Arabic …. etc.

Human translators are often involved in creating certified a good quality translated documents that also has received a great deal of care, to produce it in its best form and to the fullest, so what makes people think Google Translate is as good as a human translator? This article takes a brief look at human translation versus machine translation, knowing which of them is better.

: Machine translation vs Human translation

: Price

Often the price is the reason why any organization uses machine translation and prefers it to human translation. The waste of time is the result of not having enough resources dedicated to the project or the translated document, so resorting to Google Translate is the solution to this matter, and the most important thing that customers do not know about machine translation, is that companies that use machine translation correctly have their own dedicated translation engines, so they have to train the machine with a lot of data, and for these reasons you need a human translator.

: Speed

With Google Translate, you can enter text of any size, and a translation will be provided almost instantly, as this translation is produced using an artificial neural network, this is not in the brain of a person doing the translation, which means that he cannot understand the meaning based on the context or interpret different meanings, or instinctively recognizing the good or bad quality of the translation, in short, the initial results will not be ideal, especially if you are trying to translate a marketing or creative text, so you have to replace machine translation with human translation.

: Translation stages from Ejada Office for Certified Translation

Stage 1: Draft translation

We start by carefully looking at the original text, to make sure that everything looks fine, then we upload it into our translation program, and at this stage we discover the complications of the text, and these include: Text type,  writer’s style, and the writer himself, and the purpose for which this text was written, the quality of writing, its sub-messages, how the different parts of the text relate to each other, the amount of research the text will need, and any potential errors in the text, we need to know all this information to produce a correct translation.

As for translation that contains slogans and brands, for example, we are trying hard to determine the series of ideas and information that prompted the advertising copywriter to create it, and this takes a long time, as many words have more than one meaning and many synonyms, so you must be very careful to choose the correct term especially in specialized types of fields.

Stage 2: Translator examination

At this stage, every letter, word and phrase in the original text is looked at, and compared to every letter, word and phrase in the target text, and every translated paragraph is treated with the same care found in the source text, so that it looks like an exact copy, as for the machine translation engines; It will not necessarily put all percentages and commas in the correct place, because the process there does not work that way, as for human translators; They use automated software to help them to accurately complete this scanning process.

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In a later article, Insha’a Allah, we will talk about the rest of the translation stages done by the Ejada Office for Certified Translation, so stay tuned ….

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