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Why Technical Translation is considered necessary in the life of every company?

The Technical Translation services provided by Ejada Translation Services include certain documents that usually carried out by professional translators with high expertise in their fields. The translators working in this field handle documents that revolve around the practical application of technological information or scientific research. Therefore, it is a hard task that requires profound understanding of technical documents, its nature, and its specific requirements.

The importance of Technical Translation:

Technical Translation is a necessity in various fields, starting with architecture and construction and all the way to health care. Any mistakes in the translated texts or missing information could easily lead to expensive lawsuits.

Examples on the costs of mistranslations:

In New Zealand, builders has lost a building consisted of 20 stores due to some mistakes in their translated files, and they still continue to exchange corresponds back and forth with the local authorities, because the company dealing with the Chinese steel supplier is unable to provide all the quality control documents in English, which lead to slowing the local authorities down.

The builders have decided not to translate all of the documents due to the potential high costs (more than 20000 Dollar). So, they canceled the Chinese text and introduced a “comprehensive statement” instead. Wellington City Council did not approve of this shortcut then and requested additional documents despite their satisfaction with the building’s design and construction.

The building was almost completed construction wise and the builders now expect the city council to sign the code compliance or the final seal for the project established, but each time they did not seem to reach an agreement due to both parties colliding, sometimes about mistranslations and other times about missing translations. When they removed the Chinese information, the construction company changed the original documents, which prevented the authorities from advancing in the main procedures and slowed the construction project down.

As we see, translation services leave no place for the confusion that occurs in some establishments, especially when it comes to technical documents. Although it might seem like a smart way to save resources or money, it might soon bring you counterproductive results or even more when you are aiming to achieve compliance. Mistranslation could cost you even more than what you could have paid in exchange for accredited translation in the first place.

Do companies, in different sectors, need Technical Translation services?

Companies do indeed need technical translation services when it buys from foreign suppliers and are required to document the internal operations to comply and seal some of the documents of said imported goods. Therefore, it is necessary to depend on professional translation each time they deal with international partners. Upon selling goods outside national borders, your company must be able to provide buyers with full documents in local languages. Technical translation could also be carried out through various types of texts; from operation’s instructions, user guides and technological programs’ series and patents that could be used later in the devices invented.

  1. Programs Series Translation:

Translation and Localization of programs require a minimum technical knowledge, as Programs Series Translation is considered a specific field in technical translation. In that case, some translators do not always work with technical terms, but they are required to know how to handle these programing series. They should also be aware of the technical terms and how to explain these programs in both the source and target language.

  1. Patents translation:

Linguists working on patents in Ejada Translation Services usually are experts in that subject and they are also highly skilled in writing patents which includes extremely strict legal and scientific requirements as patents require including a chain of technical details in addition to the potential future applications for the described product without revealing all of the relevant information.

  1. User Guides’ translation:

User Guides’ translation requires a special knowledge in specific fields as well as the ability to convey the complex terms using simple ones, which makes it a lucrative field since most manufactures and technology companies constantly need to write and translate user guides into various languages.

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