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Will translating the statement of results lead to more tense turn?

Transfer degrees for marks awarded abroad during the mobility of students were determined as one of the greatest obstacles; that prevent external student mobility in some fields or schools. In its endeavor to address student concerns and enhance transparency and consistency. Therefore, Ejada office seeks to provide translation of the statement of external and internal results, to all schools and universities, governmental and non-governmental, translation certified and documented, and there is no manipulation of any kind.

Why be careful when translating the statement of results?

Students shall feel completely safe because there is no latent or undeclared punishment during the study. at some times students expect the conversion of grades earned during the period of mobility at the university will be transparent and fair, and this includes the degrees awarded either as part of the student exchange agreement for a semester one or two, or at the end of a shorter period of external mobility, such as a certified summer school.

Learn how Ejada office is interested in translating the statement of results:

Ejada office did not leave the matter of translating the statement of results like this to its status, but rather gave it great attention and provide its translation in all languages known around the world to all governmental and non-governmental entities. For example, schools, universities, and experimental kindergartens, we are interested in translating them into certified translations by our certified translators, whose work to make our translation clear of any errors of language or grammar.

Therefore, Ejada is the best translation office works to translate documents and files very professionally; you can receive these translations as you are sitting in your place without having to go down and spend a lot of time and effort to translate those documents or files. Just send us a photo of your statement of degrees through our website, or via WhatsApp, or in a message through our social networking sites, to get a certified translation of that statement with easy.

Does Ejada office provide the best price for professional translation?

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