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Many expatriates flock to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to work there, and while Arabic is the official language, dealings are done in English on a large scale. Documents often originate in another language, and of course, you will need to translate them into Arabic or vice versa before submitting them to government authorities, hence the importance of translating the Saudi residence permit and all other documents.

Where all personal and non-personal documents need to be translated, such as all personal certificates e.g., marriage, birth, work, and other important documents. In fact, many Saudi government authorities accept documents submitted in Arabic and English if necessary, and most importantly, translations that are completed by an official translator certified by an accredited translation office.

The Significance of Translating the Documents of Saudi Residence Permit

If you are considering immigrating to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; then you must translate the Saudi residence permit. You are always responsible for applying for residency permits, which must be translated with a certified and accurate translation, as the residency documents are among the most important documents that any resident or traveler to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia should possess. Without it, you will never be able to live there or move from one city to another, so you have to translate it before moving or traveling there. We at Ejada, a certified translation office, can help you translate the Saudi residence permit and all the documents you may need, so contact us.

:The most important documents that require translation before submitting it to Saudi government agencies

Residency documents for all family members.

Exit/Re-Entry Visa.

Leave Period Document.

Leave salary and travel costs

Travel termination documents.

End-of-service reward.

Renewing the validity of the contract period.

Body transfer documents in the case of death.

Conflict resolution documents.

Business visas.

Umrah and Hajj visas.

Family visit visas.

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:The impact of choosing a translation office on the translation of the Saudi residence permit

Many companies may recognize the cost and time framework to be from the main considerations when selecting the best translation office. It is equally vital to ensure that the translation is an accurate representation of the language, where errors in translations could be costly for businesses in the long-term as it could have financial consequences. Therefore, having a highly precise and efficient translator is not to be overlooked as important data could be lost at times in many times when it is translated by an independent translator who is not knowledgeable on all the rules on which the certified and accurate translation is based. In the case of translation for an Arab country, Arabic and English

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