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Quality Standards for the Service Provided

At Ejada for Certified Translation, we believe that translation is both a science and an art. We always strive to have a team of exceptionallyhighly qualified and top-level translators who meet all the necessary criteria to work within the company. We also conduct continuous tests and work on developing their skills

At Ejada for Certified Translation, we adhere to all global quality standards and requirements to elevate our translation services to the highest levels, ensuring our client’s satisfaction. To achieve this, the company focuses on the following

  • Attracting highly skilled and experienced translators in specialized fields.
  • Selecting the most appropriate words and expressions carefully.
  • Reviewing translated texts thoroughly to ensure their accuracy and error-free quality.
  • Conveying meanings masterfully by revealing the beauty within the translated material.
  • Utilizing specialized tools to format files to present work professionally.
  • Ensuring that the translator fully understands the sentence to convey its meaning accurately, considering all relevant grammatical, temporal, and contextual nuances.
  • Having a comprehensive understanding of the grammatical rules of both the source and target languages to produce professional and precise translations while completely avoiding literal translation.
  • Possessing comprehensive knowledge of all rhetorical devices and imagery, and understanding their equivalents in the target language.
  • Only the specialized department handle the translation of specialized materials.
  • Paying constant attention to conveying the author’s style in all specializations where style is crucial.