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اطلب خدمة الترجمة الان

    Ejada is internationally certified by the Arab Translators Union

    Ejada holds the international accreditation seal No. 21500 from Arab Translators Union

    We provide translation services for more than 50 languages, in addition to editorial and proofreading services

    Ejada has more than 70 translators in various languages, in addition to cooperating offices in the Gulf.

    We provide our services to more than 35 countries around the world in general and the Arabian Gulf region in particular

    With more than 15 years of experience in translation field, dealing with various types of documents

    ?The process of providing you with accurate and professional translations

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    Why choose Ejada to translate your documentsإجادة

    ترجمة كافة كتب وزارة التعليم القطري عام 2020

    لدينا سابقة أعمال مشرفة مع بنك مصر، شركة اتصالات، نادى الزمالك، وزارة التعليم القطري

    لدينا فريق مترجمين متخصصين ذو خبرة كبيرة في مجال الترجمة

    ضمان سرية بياناتك وعدم الإفصاح عنها لأي سبب.

    إجادة مكتب معتمد لدى جميع السفارات والهيئات الحكومية

    نضمن استلام الأوراق المترجمة بدقة وجودة عالية وفي الوقت المحدد.

    نقوم بعمل كافة التعديلات والملاحظات مجانا دون أي تكلفة إضافية

    لدينا المعرفة الكاملة بكافة أدوات الترجمة الحديثة لضمان جودة الترجمة

    نقدم أسعارًا ممتازة مقابل جودة فائقة ودقة لا مثيل لها.

    Businessman Shows His Finger Up

    اراء العملاء

    شهادات حقيقية تعزز مصداقيتنا ؟

    شركاء نجاحنا

    ترجمة أكثر من 50 لغة

    أحدث المقالات والاخبار

    تمثل فترة “عصر العلم” فترة ذهبية في تاريخ الإنسانية، حيث ازدهرت العلوم والمعرفة بشكل استثنائي.

    If you need an excellent translation and are looking for a good translation site, obtaining high-quality and reliable translations is clearly crucial to any translation project. Therefore, choosing an excellent translation site is one of the best options in this regard. We can know the excellent site through its wide range of available services that…

    The Ejada for Certified Translation Office works exclusively with qualified translators with legal experience “practicing lawyers.” Because we know how important every word of the legal text is (e.g. in contracts, court decisions, etc.) and that legal translation words must be accurate. We offer the most professional legal translation service in the Arab world. Our…

    If you want to travel to the United States of America for study, work, or others, your personal documents and papers should be translated in a certified translation office of the US Embassy, in order to obtain a visa and allow you to travel and entry into the territory. A certified translation is an official…

    In a networked world with multiple commercial relations and an expanding business environment facing many investors and ordinary individuals with the absence of a single official global language for all countries, the difference in languages and dialects may cause a barrier and hinder the progress of things as you wish. How many deals were lost…

    The age of globalization and global communication has increased the need for translation to overcome language barriers and enable effective communication among different cultures and nations. In the age of technology, online translation services have become more widespread and more accessible. Increasing translation websites makes it difficult for people and organizations to choose the best…

    From birth certificates to graduation certificates and many other important documents that people own. Considering these documents are part of our identity. Therefore, it is important to keep them secure, you may need them at any time for something important, submitting them to a government agency or an academic institution. What is interesting about birth…

    Scientific article translation is the process of converting the content of scientific articles from one language to another accurately. and without losing the meaning of the original text, which is a vital task in scientific research . and promoting global scientific communication. articles can be translated from English to other languages. or vice versa, in…

    If your work requires translation into different languages? It is best to request the help of a professional certified translation offices that ensures uniform results tailored to your goals and needs. So I recommend you to rely on the office “Ejada for Certified Translation”, where our translation service specifically includes meeting all your requirements, such…

    The presence of certified translation offices has recently received great attention . especially certified translation offices of the Dutch . Embassy for those wishing to submit their papers to the embassy . or any Dutch authority, as translation is not just words that we . literally convert from one language to another. But it is…

    You are now inside the website of one of the best certified translation offices in the Arab world at all. Over the past seven years, “Ejada for Certified Translation” office has been able to gain the trust of more and more customers from different Arab countries. If you need translation for any purpose and from…

    Do you need to translate your documents professionally and approve them in official matters, but you have no previous experience in commissioning this type of service? Okay, here are the most important translation offices in Alexandria. What is the difference between translation and transportation? There are those who consider translation to be the transfer from…

    Many people and companies search for accredited Certified Translation Center to obtain the best professional tourist translation service, given the importance of tourist translation at the present time, but the task of searching for such centers is not an easy matter, due to the spread of many centers that are not accredited and therefore do…

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