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All you need to know about the importance and price of a certified translation of a birth certificate.

You find many people are looking for theprice of translation of a birth certificate. and they carry out the burden of this matter, but they forgot that the matter is not the cost only, but rather that it requires many things, such as the quality and the format of the translated file, and other important […]

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Order now translation of scientific research from the Ejada office at the lowest prices

Universities and various scientific sources roam the sky of scientific research in all disciplines around the world, as researchers make researches in many fields related to economics, health and politics …. Etc., so the research of those different disciplines must be translated, and of course, there are many sensitive stages when presenting research and results […]

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What does the translation review price depend on?

Reviewing client documents is an important step in the translation process that provides an additional level of quality control and ensures that your brand is effectively communicated, and on this basis, the translation review price is determined. Translation review, editing, and quality control usually occur before it is sent to the client, and this provides […]

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Learn about the benefits of translating a legal agreement by the Ejada Office

translating a legal agreement Incorrect and unsuitable translation of what is written in a legal agreement could result in companies facing legal challenges if the translation of the legal contract is inaccurate. If a company wishes to build a relationship with a business partner abroad, it is imperative that any speaker in another language understands […]

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Ejada is the best certified translation office in Zamalek

The translation is performed better by the best certified translation office in Zamalek if the translators of that office understand the purpose of the document translation process in advance. One of the biggest challenges faced in the document translation process is the inputting stylistic or preferential changes above translation terminology. In this case, such adjustments […]

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Communicate with Your Target Audience through The Best Certified Translation Office in Hurghada

Most companies today, even if they are not ready to compete in the global market, have opportunities to reach multi-lingual clients, as the Internet is a big factor in this. This is because it allows more people in different countries to access information from anywhere else in the world. so, a company may not consider […]

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The Importance of Translating the Texts of Companies’ Advertising Campaigns

Translating the texts of advertising campaigns for companies of all kinds is to transfer the meaning from the source language to the target language in a correct and scientifically accurate manner, but despite this common goal, not every translation is the same in other types of translations. ? How is the Translation of Marketing Texts […]

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Translate Your Company Documents from The Best Certified Translation Offices in Masr Al Jadidah (Heliopolis)

The Employer, regardless of the type or size of his work, always needs to present a good business picture locally and internationally for his company. One of the ways to do this is through translation, which requires assigning it to the best certified translation offices in Heliopolis . For translation to be part of the […]

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What is the Significance of The translation of the company profile?

A company’s profile is a document that provides all details about the company, as it is usually used as part of the company’s marketing plans; Therefore, companies’ profiles must be translated very carefully and accurately, because they enhance customer and brand awareness, as items on a company profile typically include: The company’s name, address, mission, […]

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Get the Best Translation Prices in Sudan From The “Ejada” Office

There are cases where personal, commercial and rapid communication with international borders and language barriers make successful communication difficult, however, professional document translation services can be contacted online when such cases arise, and thus they will be able to assist in communication between the two groups by helping them with translation. Between the two languages, […]

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Translate your CV by Ejada, the best certified translation office in Al-Kharj

Curriculum Vitae (CV) is Latin for “course of life” where this paper cover all important aspects of life. It is a comprehensive document that clarifies educational qualifications and professional experiences and describes the future goals of the person who is looking for a job. This is why they should entrust it to the best certified […]

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Translate your medical documents by the best medical translators in Qatar

We all aware that the field of medicine is constantly evolving, as new drugs and medical devices are being developed all over the world, and new research is being conducted every day. Medical translation is crucial in the effective dissemination of medical knowledge, new discoveries in modern medicine, and other health-related fields such as the […]

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جميع الحقوق محفوظة لمؤسسة إجادة للترجمة المعتمدة 2020

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