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Why is “Ejada” the best translation office in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia has quickly become an integral part of the business network around the world and to enter that market full of potentials, you have to overcome language barriers. If you want to expand your profits and open international doors without language barriers, then you have to seek “Ejada”, the best translation office in Saudi […]

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3 Main factors when translation legal contracts

The field of legal contracts translation is a highly specialized field of translation, and no person can conclude international agreements across borders, societies and even cultures without the presence of a certified translation. The meaning may be lost in vague wording and misinterpretation, and moreover, contracts and legal documents must be adhered to internationally, so […]

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“Ejada” the best translation office certified by the American embassy

Before proceeding to seek to the best translation office certified by the American embassy, make sure you need certified translation as it is considered special because it guarantee the authenticity of the document and follow a unique procedure as it is considered more expensive and require more time than normal translation. However, this matter differs […]

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Interpretation services are not a hard work for Ejada Office

Many multinational meetings and conferences often require interpretation services, in which the interpreter shall interpret what has been said at a time when the speaker’s pace allows for no change in the natural flow of speech, and shall also explain what the speaker is saying at the same time as the speaker delivers its speech. […]

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Have government translation services helped build a cultural bridge between civilizations?

Globalization has reached its highest levels these days, so every country has immigrants and other residents from many other countries in the world, where culture, customs and everything else differ, and of course the language as well, especially since most immigrants do not know the language of the country in which they reside, and this […]

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Get to know the importance of marketing translation services provided by Ejada Office

Marketing translation services include translating the text in addition to delivering the correct marketing message, taking into account the cultural preferences of the target audience, so the thinking of the marketing translator should be in line with the copywriter as well, because one of the requirements for marketing translation is to know how to promote […]

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Why is it preferred to resort to the best-certified translation offices to deal with?

What is the difference between a notarized translation and a certified translation? It is a question that is often asked by people who are not familiar with the translation or the specific type of translation required. Many people are still confused about certified translation and notarized translation, and some actually think that they are the […]

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Get to know Ejada the best-certified translation company in Egypt and the Arab Gulf

The truth is that there is a big difference between translation companies that provide certified or notarized and non-certified translation, as it means certified translation and that the translator or language service provider has issued a signed statement declaring that the translation made is an accurate and correct representation of the original document. Foreign students […]

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Ejada is the best Office in translating Commercial Powers of Attorney

It is necessary to know the importance of translating Commercial Powers of Attorney  and deep understanding of them after looking at the interpretations of those different legal and commercial Powers of Attorney . The Commercial Attorney is primarily responsible for promoting business operations or negotiations on behalf of a company or several companies, in a […]

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Save your time with the best translation offices in Qatar now

Searching for the best translation offices in Qatar takes a lot of time, especially when the subject related to professionalism. From the emergence of Ejada, it is getting completely different. As Ejada is one of the best specialists in providing this type of classy services, as it has elite of the best-experienced translators distinguished in […]

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How to select a team for a translation office in Saudi Arabia?

Ejada is the best translation office in Saudi Arabia because of its experience, distinctive skills, and high efficiency in the process of translating texts, messages and the like of the rest of the matters that require a certified translation service. This, in turn, makes it the first choice for institutions and individuals alike to get […]

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The best translation center in Riyadh has made quality its world

Translating research, texts, and scientific messages of various kinds, websites, and the like has become among the rest of the matters that require distinct translation services, to and from any language, one of the things that people need most greatly, especially, Google Translate does not fulfill the required purpose, so if you are in dire […]

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جميع الحقوق محفوظة لمؤسسة إجادة للترجمة المعتمدة 2020

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