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Certified translates product specifications is a useful tool when you need to communicate with a wide audience for free online. However, when it comes to business and product specification translation, you will need to make sure that nothing is lost in the original documents, and that you give a professional image by sending well-written messages in the target language and without misspellings. This can lead to establishing trust in your services or products provided in the target language, it is also possible to rely on a telephone interpreter who can assist you in phone calls to conferences, meetings, or official seminars.

: How to Choose the Suitable Translation Provider?  The following is a quick guide that will help you

First things first, do not only rely on employees, friends, or relatives who speak another language. The translation is a professional job and when it comes to attracting a foreign audience, communicating, and exporting your products or services to them; the correct message, technical and legal information must be fully and legally communicated. This can lead to improving or destroying your reputation not only in the targeted country but in the whole world. 

Choose a certified translation office that you can deal with after spending enough time understanding your goals and requirements, and which is familiar with your field of business and your products or services, and which can help you in every aspect of translations of all disciplines, from beginning to end. Your partner or language service provider must be honest, knowledgeable, helpful, and easy to talk to at any time they can.

Proofread must also be provided by a second translator when you choose a certified translation office, which can build different glossaries and methods, to ensure not only consistency of terminology across all translations, but also legal and technical compliance and branding consideration. Last but not least, choose a translation services provider that can provide other translation-related services, such as interpretation, instead of going to other unreliable partners.

? How do you guarantee professional quality control

Despite how fast we provide our translation services in all specialties, we guarantee you to always commit to the same strict quality standards that we always and forever wear it as a pledge that must be fulfilled. Ejada for Certified Translation is also aware accuracy, reliability, and quality management are of the utmost importance when it comes to translation services when translating product specifications, equipment manuals, user manuals, and technical documents of any kind.

For this, you should know that Ejada for Certified uses translators with experience in any field in which translation is carried out, and they know exactly how to avoid risks that may lead to errors and inaccuracies in translations, whether technical or not. Once you have completed your translation project, your technical translator will review the technical documents they translated to make sure the meaning exactly matches the original, with absolutely no errors or omissions.

Since we have the accreditation certificate from the Arab Federal Union, all of our technical translations are checked several times by the project manager as a second criterion, they take a fresh look at your technical documents and thus helps you in the tasks where you cannot bear anything that can be ignored. We also provide technical translation services using computer-assisted translation tools. Our professional technical translation services are performed by both source and target language technical and professionals who are ready to assist you in translating a variety of documents into different languages.

? What are the translation services presented by Ejada in addition to product specification translation

Translation of technical documents

Translation of energy, oil, and gas documents

Translation of engineering product specifications

Translation of health and safety operations

Translation of equipment catalogs

Translation of CAD designs for cars

Translation of industrial manuals

? What makes us the best choice for translating product specifications

The translation is usually required by law in any country, so if you sell a product – depending on the quality of the product – you’ll need the packaging information, labels, and instructions translated for it to comply with the law. In the case of food labels, most countries need that in the local language as well, so, translation here is not an option, but a legal requirement, in which case your business advisor will be able to assist you in identifying your specific requirements.

When it comes to translating legal documents for export, the type of documents that require translation will also depend on your product/service and the country you are exporting to. Examples of documents that generally need translation: Contracts, terms, and conditions of your business.

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Depending on the country, the legal translation should be carried out by a certified translator or sworn translator from the best, certified translation office. These legal translators know well the requirements for translating specifications of food products and other commodities. Here comes the role of the Ejada for Certified Translation, as we are expanding greatly in translating various specializations in all fields.

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