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The proofreading and reviewing service is one of the best services provided by Ejada, the best certified translation company. This is because Ejada has a group of the most skilled and best proofreaders who provide this service in a very significant way, in order to ensure that you get distinguished and services lack of any kind of spelling errors. Not only that, but also this type of service is provided in many languages, on top of which are Arabic, English and other languages.

In which fields proofreading services are provided?

As we have previously talked about, Ejada, the best certified translation company, to provide proofreading and revision service with high quality and unlimited professionalism. In more than 70 different languages ​​in a number of fields, which are represented as follows:

  • Academic proofreading
  • Theses proofreading
  • Reports Proofreading
  • Put Diacritics for texts
  • Commercial proofreading service
  • Essay proofreading services
  • Training manuals
  • Advertisements proofreading services
  • Editing website content
  • Proofreading services for books and literature
  • Proofreading services for literary novels
  • Provides proofreading service for business plans
  • Provides proofreading for proposals
  • Proofreading and reviewing of sources and references
  • Proofreading work guarantees
  • Proofreading service for documents and personal papers
  • Proofreading CV
  • Proofreading correspondence and communications
  • Proofreading administrative documents
  • Proofreading legal documents
  • Proofreading financial documents
  • Proofreading the content of websites
  • Proofreading Master’s and PhD Theses
  • Proofreading historical, mass media, legal and other researches

What are the criteria for choosing the best proofreader?

The need for proofreading and reviewing service become one of the most demanding services nowadays, as in the event of any mistakes, the content loss its value.

So, it is necessary for everyone seek the help of experts and specialists, but it is necessary to choose the best proofreader based on a set of criteria, which are as follows.

  1. It is necessary to have a wide culture in various fields, not in one field, because as was mentioned previously, many fields need proofreading services.
  2. Arabic language proficiency taking into account knowledge of all the grammatical rules; syntax, spelling, morphological, linguistic and etc..
  3. In addition, the proofreader must be characterized by quick wit, focusing for speed and ease understanding the intended meaning, accordingly, the best and classy services are provided to our clients.
  4. Careful and be patience in reading texts before proofreading in order to discover the written content then determining the points that will be proofread.
  5. Using best programs and tools that contribute the correcting and checking process in an optimal manner.

Are services really delivered on time?

  • Certainly yes, one of the most significant features of Ejada office for Translation Services is committed to the appropriate time previously agreed upon with the client.
  • In the event of any delay beyond the control, which is rare, an apology is submitted to the client for the misunderstanding occurred, with offers and discounts submitted, because client satisfaction is one of our top concerns.

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